Marina Del Rey, California

Found a house to rent through renters warehouse. Never rented through them before but when we first went to look at the house it seemed great.

The owners were still living in it so it was hard to see every detail but we were told it had central a/c and all the appliances and the agent went on & on about how great it is. After the owners moved out we had a walk through and we were sick at what we saw. The kitchen cupboards and drawers were full of mouse *** and spilled food. The dishwasher and washing machine were full of black mold and the smell was unreal.

The kitchen pantry was full of mouse *** & urine. There was no a/c and the only usable appliances were the dryer, microwave and a filthy leaking refrigerator. They pushed us to sign a 32 page lease, one month before we moved in, stating that the property is free of any infestations, is completely clean & saying we are responsible for all pest control, and maintenance issues. We saw the home for 5 minutes before signing this.

In the one month since we have moved in, in addition to the almost $1,500 we spend a month on rent, we have spent almost $2,000 trying to fix appliances, clean out the HUGE mouse infestation, clean out all the mold & put in air conditioning.

We made a mistake not looking into renters warehouse ahead of time. PLEASE do not rent from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Renters Warehouse House Rental.

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I had pretty much the same problem & charging me for infestation that i know i didnt cause this place is horrible to rent from. Don't keep up maintenance ignore our maintenance request on big things waiting Little Things door coming out of the door jamb and this was a really nice house very expensive to rent we noticed a infestation the first night that we moved in and they ignored us reporting it and then blamed it on us charging me ridiculous breaking contract fees I will never ever rent from them again or recommend renting from them at all




***, is what you are to sign that lease. That's all I can say.

You must be homeless or just have gotten put out of your old place. Stop complaining you have to own this one.


Wow, you're heartless. Point is you dont know this person's situation. However karma is a ......


I am in no way endorsing thie company, but my comment/statement is to the person(s) that agreed to sign the lease, WHY??? WHY DID yo sign , when you, yourself, notived these mouse dripping and urine and black mold, before you signed, WHY?????

Take responsibilty for your actions.

You could have just said, NO, this is not for me, and kept moving. Sorry, for the truth hurts.




Are you kidding me? The only person who is at fault in this case, is YOU AND YOUR STUPIDITY!

If you signed a contract after looking at the property for five whole minutes, IT'S YOUR FAULT!

If you signed a contract that said, you as the renter, is responsible for repairing any appliances that are broken or break during the lease, IT'S YOUR FAULT!

If you signed a contract that didn't state the property would be thoroughly cleaned before the move in date, IT'S YOUR FAULT!

If you signed a contract days before it was vacated AND signed it days prior to an in depth walk through, IT'S YOUR FAULT!

If ANYONE signs ANY TYPE OF CONTRACT when they are considered a ***, guess what, AGAIN, IT'S YOUR FAULT!


The Renters Warehouse in Nashville is also a joke! They have horrible management from the top down.

My tenants replaced my flooring and they didn't even let me know. The only thing they care about is collecting money.


I will rent anything from renters warehouse. We did a walk through prior to renting we meaning me and husband and lessor from renters warehouse.

Water damage , outside lights not working. The tub and and showers have mold. Water damage in the closet.

There excuse is they have to find a maintenance company. We have no one to correct any problems.


I am going through the same thing with them not fixing repairs and on top of that there is black mold in the house and I had to move my children out and they still took my rent money.


If you saw all this, why would you move in? Your comment does not make sense.


I am a landlord, not your landlord (and I would never risk putting a renter into an unsafe or unready home), but I would think that if the rental agreement stated that such things as AC was included that you would have legal recourse in getting reimbursed for expenses you incur to bring the house up to habitable condition. I recommend LegalSheild or any of the subscription legal services, which can provide the help you need at low cost. (Hint: do not take action prior to contacting the lawyer, it will hurt your ability to use them.) Worst case scenario, there is always small claims court, but often a letter from the lawyer is all that's necessary.


Hello I just moved to Atlanta and currently looking for a home to rent PLEASE HELP!


I recently listed my house in Decatur, GA with Renters Warehouse. My agent Jenise Flye was very professional.

She was able to find a qualified tenant within 21 days. The first tenant moved out before the lease was up.

However , Jenise found me another tenant before they even started packing at no charge to me. I highly recommend RW > Reece


I listed my home with Renters Warehouse also. I can't knock them, Susie Clark was my Agent, she was amazing.

She was so professional, so courteous, so on top of things, it was a pleasure working with her.

I don't know much about Renters Warehouse but Susie Clark was amazing, I would most definitely recommend her to any homeowner. She works for Renters Warehouse so they must be doing something right.


There is a house in Nashville. 501 Weakley Ave Nashville Tn.

They say 3 bedroom & 2 bathroom one bathroom and the roof leak in the bathroo. Black mold under the sink. They say every new in the kitchen. It's the same one I was there.

The roof leak in the frontroom after we move our TV. We found BLACK MOLD. I told and they the *** roof. They got picture of the frontroom.

They didn't take care of the black mold. We got real sick from it we didn't know we had it. But if they check the roo. they would have know.

They just painted that's all. I hope no one with kids move in. The kids can get real sick or die. They didn't fix any thing.

We put fans. We paint the basement. The basement flood Real bad. They know what would hel.

But *** no. We fix bathroom towel rack. And medical chest. The screen door don't lock.

And they said eat in kitchen. That's a big laug. There is a 1/2 Bath if they put a toilet in and hook sink in. And shooting every night.

It got to a time I wouldn't go out at night. And looking for couple Guys the cop said they didn't want to say what they were. But they should had taken the paneling down and put new everything But *** didn't.Well I'm out of there. Feeling better.

It was a nice place. When some other people had it.



Very pushy....similar to a used car salesman. They just want you to hurry and sign a lease, so they get their money.

They do not care that one may have an obligation not to break a lease where currently living. They don't care if you will pay the price with a bad rental history just so you.

And hurry up and move into their property.


Don't rent from them them. Stop complaining.


PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!! All they did was get my private information and money!!!!!

I never got what they claim they can help with!!! Im beyond Pissed!!!!!!


Bad Credit,huh?

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